‘Blinded by the Light’ Was Originally Written & Performed by … Bruce Springsteen?

A little piece of rock history that we just recently learned about: the classic ‘Blinded by the Light’, which shot to #1 on the Billboard charts in 1977, was originally written by none other than “The Boss” himself, Bruce Springsteen! It first appeared on his 1973 debut album Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J., but was later famously covered by British rock band Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. The cover version changed the songs lyrics slightly, with the most prominent change is in the chorus, where Springsteen’s “cut loose like a deuce” is replaced with “revved up like a deuce.” And, coincidentally, this is the exact lyric that was commonly misheard as “wrapped up like a douche” … whatever that means. It was enough though, as we recall at the time, to give the song that little edge, made the adults crazy trying to figure out EXACTLY what the song was about, and made teens want to hear it all the more.

First, we have Springsteen’s original version, here from an early appearance at someplace called The Community Theater’ in 1973, according to the video.

And here’s Manfred Mann’s version from a 1976 appearance on–what else?–The Midnight Special!

Which version do you prefer?

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