VIDEO: Captain Safety Episode 1


A friend of my recently produced this great video and I wanted to share it with all of you. Here’s more from the YouTube description: This was meant to be part of a longer episode, which we began filming in Madrid. The production was not completed by the time I moved to Prague, but rather than trying to re-film the remainder in Prague, I’ve decided to upload the first part…


VIDEO: Underground factory producing fake cans of Budweiser gets busted in Dongguan


This is so wrong!  Here’s more from the YouTube description: Sometimes in China alcohol can be so insanely cheap that it’s hard not to wonder where it all comes from. Well, recently three video clips making the rounds on WeChat have helped to shine light on one source, showing an underground factory in Dongguan which produced thousands upon thousands of fake cans of Budweiser each day before being busted by…


Grandpa Rocks Out To ACDC While Stopped At A Red Light (WATCH)


Admit it: you’ve all probably done this at one point or another to a song you love, especially when you’re alone in your car and you think no one is watching!   Either belting out the lyrics, strumming an air guitar or pounding on whatever is around for a drum kit.  Just like this “grandpa” caught on camera, stopped at a Florida traffic light when he cranks up the volume,…


Should We Ban Dale Over the Grace Slick Post Comments?

I need your help! So, earlier today, I had a nice post about Grace Slick’s isolated vocal tracks from ‘White Rabbit’. Almost immediately one of our  Facebook followers, Dale, complained about the post (below), I responded, then he responded, and I responded back and well, now he thinks I’m being–wait for it–“smart mouthed.”. (I know, right?) So, being an honorable person, I will let the rest of you decide: LIKE…


She Was Complaining About A Book At The Library. Her Reason… Oh My!


A blonde stormed up to the front desk of the library and with a screaming voice said, “I have a complaint!” “How can i help you?” said the librarian looking up at her. “I borrowed a book last week and it was horrible!” Puzzled by her complain the librarian asked “What was wrong with it?” “It had way too many characters and there was no plot!” said the blonde. The…


The Teacher Asked Mary a Question: But When She Responded… OH MY!

The 10th grade teacher asks Mary: “What part of the human body increases to 10 times it’s normal size when excited?” Mary responds: “That’s disgusting! I don’t have to answer that question!” So the teacher asks little Johnny, who responds: “That’s easy…the pupil of the eye.” “That’s correct, Johnny. Very good!” And turning to Mary, she says: “I’ve three things to say to you, young lady… first, you didn’t do your…