WATCH: “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)” LIVE by Looking Glass – 1972


“Brandy” was HUGE in 1972, and ended up being the No. 1 song on both the Billboard and Cashbox charts for the year … and deservedly so. It was written and composed by Elliot Lurie and recorded by Lurie’s band, Looking Glass, on their debut album also called Looking Glass.  It’s an odd subject for a rock song; a barmaid from a bygone era whose heart belongs to a man who’d…


WATCH: Bob Seger – “Beautiful Loser” Rare LIVE Version – 1976?


It’s difficult finding videos of Bob Seger from back in his early days, performing LIVE. This is not the best video, but I think it gives you a sense of what it was like to see him perform in concert. Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia: “Beautiful Loser” is a song written and recorded by American rock artist Bob Seger. It was the title track on his 1975 studio…


WATCH: Dire Straits – “Money for Nothing” @ Wembley Arena, July 10, 1985


This was part of the “Brothers in Arms” tour from the summer of 1985, and Dire Straits was riding high with their hit “Money for Nothing” which, as you will probably recall, was a big hit on MTV because of the early use of digital animation to tell the story of two appliance installers. Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia: “Money for Nothing” is a single by British rock…


WATCH: Elvin Bishop “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” – LIVE on The Midnight Special – Oct 21, 1977


A definative rock classic, “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” hits home for a lot of people who grew up in the 70’s. Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia: “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” is a single written and performed by blues guitarist Elvin Bishop. It appeared on his 1975 album Struttin’ My Stuff and was released as a single the following year. Bishop does not sing lead…


WATCH: Ace – “How Long (Has This Been Going On)” – LIVE 1977


Great LIVE version of the song “How Long” from the British band Ace from 1977. Although the video quality isn’t the best, the sound is good and it’s hard to find a video of these guys live from back in the day. The song, originally released in 1974 off their album Five a Side, reached No. 3 in the US and Canadian charts, and No. 20 in the UK chart. So,…


WATCH: Original Five Man Electric Band – “Signs” vs Tesla version


This started out as an attempt to find a LIVE version of the classic 70’s song “Signs” by the Five Man Electric Band back in the day, and ended up with me only being able to find the original recording of that song (which is still great, by the way) as well as dozens of cover versions over the years, most notably by the band Tesla. So, why not give…


WATCH: The Bangles LIVE – “James” – Pittsburgh, PA 1986


Great LIVE performance by the 80’s all girl group, The Bangles, who had a string of hits during the decade. “James” was not one of them, but I thought it was an interesting live performance of song that we haven’t heard a million times already! The song is from their debut album, All Over the Place, released in 1984. Here’s more on the album from Wikipedia: All Over the Place…


WATCH: Jim Croce LIVE “Operator” – 1972


What a talent and gone WAY to soon. We were just getting to know singer/songwriter Jim Croce in the early 1970’s with hits like “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” when he hits us with this insightful story-song, “Operator,” also commonly referred to as “That’s Not the Way It Feels.” “Operator”  was written and recorded in 1972 single Croce as part of his Don’t Mess…


WATCH: Steve Miller Band LIVE on the Midnight Special (1974)


This is the full, three song performance, by the Steve Miller Band live at the Midnight Special on January 24th, 1974 and includes The Joker, Sugar Babe, and the as yet unreleased (and somewhat unfinished) version of “Fly Like an Eagle” On this video, there is… 1) The Joker (from 1973’s “The Joker”) 2) Fly Like an Eagle (early version) (from 1976’s “Fly Like an Eagle”) 3) Sugar Babe (from…


WATCH: RATT & Marvin Gaye mashup: “I Heard It Round and Round the Grapevine”


Not sure if I’m the only one or not, but I find some of these musical mashups interesting, especially when they’re done well. I’ve listened to a lot of them lately, and the one I keep coming back to over and over is this merging of Ratt’s “Round and Round” with the Marvin Gaye classic, “I Heard It Through the Grapevine.”  Two very different styles of music, but in this…