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Song Splinter – Boston’s “More Than a Feeling”

What’s a “song splinter?”  It’s a song that gets stuck in your head for no reason and you can’t seem to get it out!  When we get a song splinter we’ll post them, and if you get one, please let us know at songsplinter@classichits247.com. “More Than a Feeling” was released in September 1976, the first single off the band’s debut album. Here’s more on “More Than a Feeling” from Entertainment…


33 Years Ago Today: Michael Jackson’s Hair Catches on Fire While Filming Pepsi Commercial

Some of you will remember this like it was yesterday, but it was 33 years ago today (1/27/84) that Michael Jackson’s hair caught fire while he was filming a commercial for Pepsi. Not only was this horrific accident caught on film, they actually released the footage! Here’s more from the YouTube description with this video: In 1984, Pepsi sponsored The Jacksons’ Victory Tour. In return, Michael and his brothers were…

Mary Tyler Moore

Television icon Mary Tyler Moore dies aged 80!

Actress Mary Tyler Moore, famous for her roles on the Dick VanDyke Show and the Mary Tyler Moore Show, passed away today at the age of 80. More on the story from The Daily Mail: Television icon Mary Tyler Moore passed away this afternoon at the age of 80. The Emmy award-winning actress died Wednesday surrounded by family members who quickly flocked to say their goodbyes at a Connecticut hospital….