WATCH – Axl Rose Performs “Highway To Hell” with Billy Joel @ Dodger Stadium 5/13/17


Now here’s an unusual combination: Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose performed the AC/DC classic “Highway To Hell” with Billy Joel! It happened during the singer’s May 13, 2017 concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and fan-filmed video from the event has surfaced online.  The Piano Man welcomed Axl to the stage for the classic 1979 track, which Rose sang regularly while on tour in 2016 with AC/DC in…


Grandpa Rocks Out To ACDC While Stopped At A Red Light (WATCH)


Admit it: you’ve all probably done this at one point or another to a song you love, especially when you’re alone in your car and you think no one is watching!   Either belting out the lyrics, strumming an air guitar or pounding on whatever is around for a drum kit.  Just like this “grandpa” caught on camera, stopped at a Florida traffic light when he cranks up the volume,…