“Convoy” by C.W. McCall – Songs We Love to Hate


Remember “Convoy”? It came out in 1975 and was performed by C. W. McCall and became a number-one song on both the country and pop charts in the US. Would you believe it is listed 98th among Rolling Stone magazine’s 100 Greatest Country Songs of All Time? This novelty song spent six weeks at number one on the country charts and one week at number one on the pop charts. It…


Video: Billy Don’t Be a Hero (1974)


“Billy Don’t Be a Hero” is one of those songs we love to hate! After listening to it, do you still Love It or Hate It? It wasn’t until we tried to locate this song that we realized there were two different versions: one that wen #1 in the UK by Paper Lace and then this version by Bo Donaldson that was a massive hit in the US and ended up…