Video: Man Catches Record Bass With His Hands!


This is the most extraordinary thing we’ve ever seen. Not only does this guy stick his hands in the water with the little bit of bait, he not only grabs this monster largemouth bass, he also manages to land it! Wouldn’t believe it if we hadn’t see it ourselves! This video was shot on March 5, 2015 in Blountsville, Alabama.  Watch as Robert Earl Woodard catches a record 16.03 lb…


Retro Sports: Bobby Knight Chair Toss Incident – 2/23/85


Those of us who grew up in the Midwest and/or watching Big Ten Basketball remember the reign of Indiana men’s coach Bobby Knight from 1971 to 2000. Known as “The General,” Knight had a hard-nosed, aggressive quality about his coaching and never minced words on or off the court. That style boiled over on February 23, 1985 when, during a game against in-state rival Purdue, Knight was hit with a…