WATCH: ZZ Top – ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’ – LIVE 2013


With an unchanged line-up stretching back to 1969 (Holy Crap!) and global album sales in excess of 50 million, ZZ Top continue to delight fans around the world with brilliant live concerts and great music. The band has made a number of visits to Montreux over the years and this concert from the 2013 Festival is undoubtedly one of their finest live performances. The set list blends tracks from early…


ZZ Top Issues Statement on Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey continues to ravage Houston, bringing along with it historic flooding and this is not only claiming lives and but also sending residents scrambling for their lives, grabbing anything that floats to stay above the rising waters.  Like the rest of the nation, Houston natives ZZ Top continue to watch on in horror, stricken by the grief that only comes with wanting to save everyone you see in those…


Did ZZ Top Start Out as the 13th Floor Elevators?


Yesterday we posted an image of ZZ Top with an interesting factoid about the band, stating that it has had the same three band members since 1969.  Among the comments, one reader stated that the band had actually started out under another name The 13th Floor Elevators, a name we were not familiar with and it sounds like–from the comments–most of our readers were not either. So, of course, we…