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Song Splinter – Boston’s “More Than a Feeling”

What’s a “song splinter?”  It’s a song that gets stuck in your head for no reason and you can’t seem to get it out!  When we get a song splinter we’ll post them, and if you get one, please let us know at songsplinter@classichits247.com.

“More Than a Feeling” was released in September 1976, the first single off the band’s debut album.

Here’s more on “More Than a Feeling” from Entertainment Weekly who did an extensive profile of the mega-hit on it’s 40th anniversary in March of 2016. It contains a rare interview, Boston founder, guitarist, songwriter, and producer Tom Scholz who recalls the crazy creation of “More Than a Feeling” in his own words below.

Forty years ago, the band Boston released its debut single, “More Than a Feeling.” The song was a big hit, reaching No. 5 on the Billboard chart — but that was just the start of the story. “More Than a Feeling” became an enduring radio staple, one which established Boston among the biggest rock acts in the country and which helped turn the band’s eponymous debut album into a huge seller. This bittersweet tale about the power of music also helped define an entire genre of immaculately-produced, and performed, pop-rock.

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