WATCH: First Recorded Performance by KISS! 1973 – Popcorn Club, Queens NY

Check out this rare footage of KISS doing one of their first live performances at a place called The Popcorn Club in Queens back in January 1973! According to the band, they received $50 a night for three nights to play, and the “packed” house the first night included all of 10 people. But it was a start and, as you can see–well sorta see–from this grainy video that they were still working on their patented KISS facepaint, but the music was there and so was the band’s onstage energy.

This show featured a songs on which the group would build their reputation on in the coming years including “Deuce,” “Black Diamond,” “Watchin’ You”. From that humble beginning KISS rose quickly to the top of the music industry, and by 1980 they were arguably the biggest rock band in the entire world! Along the way, KISS released 20 studio albums and also pioneered the merchandising of rock music. (Anyone still have their KISS lunchbox?)

Here they are, in a rarely seen video from January 1973, it’s pre-historic KISS rocking out to “Firehouse” and “Let Me Know.”

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