WATCH: Eagles perform “New Kid in Town” LIVE -1977

Wish we knew more about this clip, other than it features The Eagles back in 1977 performing their third #1 single, “New Kid in Town”, and it was the first single off their monster album, Hotel California.  It was written by Don Henley, Glenn Frey and J.D. Souther and went on to become a number-one hit in the US and won the Grammy Award for Best Vocal Arrangement for Two or More Voices.

At least one report claims the song was about the “next big thing in the music business at that time,” Bruce Springsteen, who was gaining fame when the song was written, but Souther has denied that. Regardless, “New Kid in Town” has always been one of my favorites, probably having hit me at just the right time in adolescence when you worry about being replaced in your group of friends or at school by someone else.

Here the Eagles singing “New Kid in Town” LIVE (somewhere) in 1977!

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