WATCH: The Doobie Brothers sing “What a Fool Believes” at the 22nd Grammy Awards – It Won Song of the Year!

Great band, great year and a great song! All that, and they got to not only perform it LIVE on the 22nd Annual Grammy Awards on February 27, 1980, but they also knocked it out of the park AND went on to win the Grammy for “Song of the Year!” Not bad!

“What a Fool Believes”  was written by Michael McDonald and none other than Kenny Loggins, but the best-known version was recorded by The Doobie Brothers (with McDonald singing lead vocals, of course) for their 1978 album Minute by Minute. The song debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts at #73 on January 20, 1979,  and eventually reached number one on April, 14 1979 … but surprisingly for one week. It was also, not surprisingly, one of the few non-disco hits during the first half of 1979.

So, here we have The Doobie Brothers, on the big Grammy stage in front of all their peers, slamming out one of their biggest hits the same night they won a Grammy for it!

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