WATCH: Joe Cocker and John Belushi “Feelin’ Alright” – Saturday Night Live – October 2, 1976

Who remembers seeing John Belushi do an impression of Joe Cocker with the actual Joe Cocker during the second season of Saturday Night Live? Here’s the the full performance with an intro from Chevy Chase!

Here’s more on that historic evening from Live for Live Music:

On this day in 1976 (October 2), during the show’s second season, Joe Cocker came to SNL as a musical guest, and performed his hit rendition of Traffic‘s “Feelin’ Alright” backed by a badass backing band: New York’s own jazz-funk heroes Stuff (hence the shirts in the video). However, for this performance, the show’s audience got not one Cocker, but two, as an identically dressed John Belushi came out with Cocker for the performance, as the two traded lines and generally looked uncannily identical–a testament to both Joe Cocker’s unique, trademark stage presence and Belushi’s unmatched impersonation abilities. As Chevy Chase explains, Belushi was shy about this bit, and had a great deal of respect for Cocker as a musician, so he was embarrassed about following through with this “duet.” Despite those reservations, it is a performance still talked about today.

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