WATCH: Def Leppard performs “Love Bites” LIVE

This is another video that we don’t know a lot about, other than it features the band Def Leppard performing their only #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100. It’s off their Hysteria album, which also featured “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

Here’s more from Wikipedia about the song:

When Robert John “Mutt” Lange originally brought the song to the band’s attention, it was a country ballad, which the band thought sounded like nothing they had done before. The band then added power rock elements and emotive backing vocals similar to those used in R&B ballads at the time.  The title “Love Bites” was originally used for a very different song that was eventually re-titled “I Wanna Be Your Hero”, and which appeared as a Hysteria B-side and later on the album Retro Active.

And then there’s this little tidbit about “Love Bites” from

A popular rumor about the song concerns the final seconds. After the line, “If you got love in your sights, Watch out, Love Bites,” what is seemingly heard is “Jesus of Nazareth, Go to Hell.” This rumor has been refuted by the band, most notably on a Hysteria documentary. The line is in fact producer Mutt Lange rambling in a Yorkshire accent, to the effect of “Yes it does, Bloody Hell,” with the aid of a vocoder.

The band includes Joe Elliott with lead vocals, Vivian Campbell on guitar, Phil Collen on guitar and backing vocals, Rick Savage on bass, and Rick Allen on drums. Here they are LIVE performing “Love Bites”.

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