WATCH: Duran Duran LIVE “Hungry Like The Wolf” – 12/31/1982 – Palladium

When you think of MTV, don’t you automatically think about the band Duran Duran and their early video hit, “Hungry Like the Wolf”? Of course you do! The popular song by this new wave band was written by them, and produced by Colin Thurston for the group’s second studio album Rio. The song was released in May 1982 as the band’s fifth single in the United Kingdom where it reached the top 5 of the UK Singles Chart.  Meanwhile the music video for “Hungry Like the Wolf”, which was filmed in the jungles of Sri Lanka, evoked the atmosphere of the popular Raiders of the Lost Ark films and MTV put it into heavy rotation launching the band in the US. Eventually the song peaked at the #3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in March 1983, Duran Duran became an international sensation, and the video itself won the first Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video in 1984.

We found a great video of the band performing their hit LIVE on New Years Eve, 1982 at the Palladium. We’ve also included the popular music video version below, if you want to see it again!

Here they are, Duran Duran with “Hungry Like The Wolf” with Simon Le Bon with lead vocals, John Taylor on bass guitar, backing vocals, Nick Rhodes on keyboards, vocal effects, backing vocals and Roger Taylor on drums


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