WATCH: Rare Deep Purple Performance of “Highway Star” on German TV -Feb 1972 – Altered Lyrics?

It’s great when we find videos of unusual LIVE performances, especially from a band’s early years.  In this case we were looking for a live version of “Highway Star” by Deep Purple, a rock staple since it came out in 1972. According to our information “Highway Star”, which was off the Machine Head album, was recorded in December 1971 and released in March 1972. Along the way, the band stopped off for a live performance on German television in February and gave this rollicking performance.  But fans of the song will immediately notice that the beginning of the song is slightly different from what we normally hear on the radio, and lead singer Ian Gillan offers up some alternative lyrics along the way. So, is this the original, early version of the song that was changed at the last minute in the recording to studio to make it more commercial friendly, or is it an example of a band playing around with a new song, or playing the version they WANTED to record and couldn’t, or … something else?

It’s possible that one of our followers who’s a big fan of Deep Purple has some insight into this question. If so, let us know on our Facebook page! 

Otherwise, we just plan to enjoy this rarely seen video of Deep Purple performing the rock classic, “Highway Star” on German TV in February 1972.  The band includes Jon Lord, Roger Glover, Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, and Ian Paice.

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