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WATCH: Linda Ronstadt nails “Long, Long Time” LIVE on The Midnight Special PILOT in 1972

I watched a number of videos of Linda Ronstadt performing live back in the day before finding this one, and the one thing I can tell you is she nails it EVERY time. Each one made me stop, listen, and be stunned again by her enormous talent.  Unlike a lot of today’s female performers, Ronstadt’s voice is as clear and strong live as it is recorded. Many times it would be almost impossible to tell the difference if it weren’t for the instruments behind her night not being as strong or as tight. (Not that her band was bad or anything, they just had to keep up with Linda’ voice!)

So, I found this video from that was originally labeled “The Midnight Special 1973 – 09 – Linda Ronstadt – Long, Long Time” and thought she must have made an appearance on the popular live music show in September of 1973. WRONG! Like many things online, the information was close but not entirely correct. Upon further research I found that this performance is actually from 1972 and from the original PILOT for The Midnight Special. And at the time, it was supposed to be only a one-time event to encourage young people to vote in the 1972 Presidential Election. (That was the first election were the voting age had been dropped from 21 to 18.) Among the musical highlights were Harry Chapin performing his hit “Taxi”, Helen Reddy sang “I Am Woman” and the British group Argent performed their 1972 hit “Hold Tour Head High”, and, of course Ronstadt with the ballad “Long Long Time.”

So here she is, the one and only Linda Ronstadt performing “Long, Long Time” as only she can, LIVE on the 1972 pilot episode of The Midnight Special!

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