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WATCH: The Osmonds – “One Bad Apple” – LIVE TV Performance On “Beat-Club”

Who doesn’t know who the Osmonds are? Even if you’re not a fan of their music, they seemed to be everywhere during the 70’s (TV, radio, live performances) and little sister Marie still hawks some weight loss plan on TV commercials to this dayu.  The Osmond Brothers began as a barbershop quartet in the 60’s consisting of older brothers Alan, Wayne, Merrill and Jay and were later joined by younger siblings Donny (who became the teen heartthrob at the time) and Jimmy (who tried to become a teen heartthrob and failed). With the addition of Donny, the group became known as The Osmonds, and enjoyed its greatest success as both a boy band and a hard rock ensemble. To date, The Osmonds Brothers has sold 77 million records, while collectively, the family has sold a total of 100 million records worldwide.

“One Bad Apple” was a number-one hit single released by The Osmonds off their self-titled debut album on November 14, 1970 and went on to become their first hit. It made it the top of the chart on February 13, 1971 and stayed there for five weeks. It also reached number six on the R&B chart (Wait, what?)  It was certified Gold by the RIAA on February 4, 1971.

The song was written by George Jackson, who reportedly had the Jackson 5 in mind when he wrote it. According to an interview with Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson later told him that the Jackson 5 almost recorded this song first, but chose to record “ABC” instead.

Here’s a LIVE performance of the song from a German TV show called “Beat-Club” from 1972. You gotta love the Elvis-inspired jumpsuits and the Temptations-inspired dance steps.

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