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WATCH: Dickie Goodman – “Energy Crisis ’74”

Who remembers the Energy Crisis of the early 1970’s? More importantly who remembers the satire record by Dickie Goodman called “Energy Crisis ’74?”

Here’s more about the record from Wikipedia:

The record is a satire of the 1973 energy crisis in the United States, and was moderately successful; it peaked at #33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the first Top 40 hit for Goodman as a solo artist (Goodman’s other records throughout the 1960s had mostly fallen just short of the top 40 and his 1950s works were all collaborations). The record is structured as a series of interviews with various public and political figures of the day with regard to the energy crisis. Questions were asked by an interviewer (Goodman), and their “responses” were snippets of various hit records of the day. The record ends with Goodman saying, “we have just run out of en-er-gyyyyy” as his speech slows to a halt, as if the turntable playing the record had just been shut off.

Yes, we all thought this was hilarious stuff in the 70’s!

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