WATCH: Triumph – “Lay It On The Line” (Video)

“Lay It On The Line” was written by Triumph founder and co-frontman Rik Emmett and surprisingly peaked at only #86 on the US Hot 100 after their breakout hit “Hold On” which were both off their 1979 album, Just a Game. The band, which hails from Ontario, Canada, claims Rush as an early influence of their music and are considered part of the harder-edged progressive power-rock movement of the late 1970s.  For those of you lucky enough to get your hands on a vinyl LP version of the album, you find that the sleeve folded open to reveal a board game which was Rik’s idea, but bass player Mike Levine was the one who actually designed it and decided to make it impossible to win.

Not sure of the exact date of this video, but I think it came out either right at the time the song was released in 1979, or in early 1980. (If anyone knows for sure, please let me know!) Here’s Triumph singing their classic, “Lay It On The Line”, with Rik Emmett on guitar and lead vocal, Gil Moore on drums, and Michael Levine on bass.


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