LISTEN: New Single from Chateau Chateau called “Evidence”

No, it’s not a classic hit from the 70s or 80s, or even from a band from that era. Nope, this is a new song from a bunch of guys from Tuscon, Arizona who probably weren’t even born when most of us where going to concerts! But one of our Facebook followers sent me the link to Chateau Chateau’s YouTube channel and their video for “Evidence” and I have to tell you boys and girls, I like this song. Can’t tell you exactly why (okay, it’s peppy and fun and reminds me of some 70s bands) but I do and I thought you would too.

All of this also made me think how hard it might be for a new band to get people to listen to their music in a crowded media landscape, so I thought why not? Why not help the kids out and maybe, just maybe I can say in a couple of years I was listening to them before they sold out and went commercial. (/joking).

Seriously my friends: give this song a listen and then give me your wise, sage feedback on our Facebook page which I promise I will pass along to the band … if I can figure out how to do that.


Here’s more about the band from their Facebook page:

Formed in Tucson, AZ in 2018, the quintet delivers a glittering, synth steered, indie pop sound not generally associated with the Sonoran Desert. Their debut single ‘Crisis Party’ got attention from online blogs such as comeherefloyd saying “Anywho, the band is fun as heck in this song. Again, it is a ‘contrast’ within a song, with a serious subject put into a ‘fun’ packaging – the single does its best to help add to the conversation about “struggles of an individual defining their personality in the face of gender roles and societal expectations” and mp3hugger saying “That pop star with the velveteen tones in a electro pop tune is quite a startling and ultimately untrue event” With more music on the way and plans for an EP release Chateau Chateau is gearing up to hit the ground running

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