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WATCH: “Timothy” originally by The Bouys (LIVE performance by Dakota) 2005

Well, I tried to find a live performance of the then-controversial song about three coal miners trapped in a cave-in who maybe, possibly resorted to cannibalism to survive (a great theme for a rock song, right?) “Timothy” with the band who originally recorded it, The Bouys, but failed. There are a bunch of YouTube videos of the song, but none of the band. Then I found out that later members of the The Bouys formed another band called Dakota and appear to be still performing today. So I found a LIVE performance of them and you know what they can still rock. But first, a little background on the song.

You may not know that “Timothy” was written by Rupert Holmes, the songwriter behind other 70’s hits like “Escape (The PIna Colada Song)” and “Him.” And his goal was to create a song that would actually get banned, therefore getting it attention. Wild, right? We take that kind of novelty marketing today, but at the time it hadn’t been done before at least not on purpose. So, what’s more controversial on the radio than cannibalism? (No, I’m not looking for other examples!)¬†And, it worked as a number of stations banned it, but rival stations would then play it. Ultimately, the band released some variations with lyrics that seemed to indicate that it wasn’t really cannibalism, or that Timothy was actually a mule. (Really, that worked?) It peaked at #17 on the Top 40 charts and was the only hit for The Bouys. (How do you top a hit about coal mining cannibalism?) who disbanded but several members reformed later as Dakota.

But enough background crap! Here’s Dakota performing “Timothy” LIVE, in 2005.

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