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WATCH: Helen Reddy sings “Angie Baby” LIVE – The Midnight Special – 1974

Another one of the songs we “Love to Hate!” This time it’s a song that went all the way to #1 on the US charts on 1974 for Helen Reddy. “Angie Baby”, off Reddy’s Free and Easy album, tells the story of a teen-aged girl who … well, no one is really quite sure what it’s about, but it sounds like she lures men into her room and then shrinks them down using the high volume on her radio until they fit inside her radio. Yep, Reddy took that one all the way to #1. Hey, it was the 70s, what can I say?

At least you can say you saw it on another great LIVE performance on The Midnight Special, right?

Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia:

“Angie Baby” is a popular song that was written by American Alan O’Day, and became a hit for Australian singer Helen Reddy. The song reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart at the end of December 1974 and became one of Reddy’s biggest-selling singles. The song also topped the U.S. adult contemporary chart, Reddy’s fifth #1 on this chart.

The song’s cryptic lyrics have inspired a number of listener theories as to what the song is really about. Reddy has refused to comment on what the true storyline of the song is, partly because she has said she enjoys hearing other listeners’ interpretations. Reddy has also said that “Angie Baby” was the one song she never had to push radio stations into playing.

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