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WATCH: The Captain & Tennille – “Muskrat Love” LIVE

Why a LIVE performance of this horrible, horrible song from 1976 off The Captain and Tennille’s album Song of Joy? Because I found it and it only made listening to this song that much worse. (You’re welcome!)

I can just see the song writer now, drunk with his friends back in the 70s, bragging that he could write a hit song about ANYTHING!  And one of them says, “oh yeah, how about you right a love song about muskrats?” And five minutes later the song was written, produced and on the radio … or so it seemed. Look, I know the band America first recorded it and took it to number 67 on the charts, but it took The Captain and Tennille to take it all the way to #4. Really people?

Oh well, add “Muskrat Love” to our growing list of Songs We Love to Hate. See if you can stomach listening to it all the way through. I dare you!

You can follow Toni Tennille (The Captain died in early 2019) on her Facebook page here, or visit her website for artist news and touring information.


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