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WATCH: George Baker Selection with “Una Paloma Blanca”- LIVE

Okay, it’s probably not accurate to call this performance by the George Baker Selection (what a horrible name for a band, right) of their 1975 hit “Una Paloma Blanca” LIVE, as it’s obvious they’re lip-syncing to the recording, but that was common for most TV performances of that era. Still, everyone here–audience included–look like they’re rather be somewhere else. The band seems bored, especially I’m sure after singing this awful song for the millionth time, and the audience is really not into it for a song with such a bouncy beat. The combination makes for a real stinker of a video . . . which I have now watched twice. (You’re welcome!)

According to Wikipedia, the title of this Dutch song translates to “A White Dove” but I prefer to think of it as “Please, for the Love of God Make It Stop” . . . but I could be wrong. It was written by Mr. Baker for the band’s 1975 album of the same name, and somehow it peaked at #26 on the US Pop Charts AND #33 on the US Country Charts, so there blame for its success to be spread around. Would you be shocked to learn this was the #1 song in the WORLD in 1975? The has to be one of the most despised songs from the 1970s to ever hit the charts and has a permanent home in our “Songs We Love to Hate” archives.

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