WATCH: Charlene – “I’ve Never Been To Me” (music video with spoken bridge!)

Does it get any better–or worse–than this? By most accounts, one of the worse songs of the 80s, possibly ever . . . and it never should have been. What most people don’t know is that “Never Been to Me”, written and composed by Ron Miller and Kenneth Hirsch, was originally released on Charlene’s debut album, Songs of Love, in 1977 and never made it past #97 on the charts–where it should have stayed. But noooooo! A DJ in Tampa, Florida (who just happened to be a former Motown employee) started playing the song on his nighttime radio show in 1982 and was so surprised at the positive response he got that he contacted his former bosses and somehow convinced them to re-release the song. Yes, “Never Been to Me” was officially on the scrap heap of musical history for five years and THIS GUY had to give it CPR and bring it back from the dead. Eventually the song was make it all the way to #3 on the Billboard charts.

Not happy with just finding a video of Charlene lip-syncing to this abomination, I searched and actually found an awful 80s-style music video that’s as bad as you could possible imagine.  It’s like someone rented a sound stage for an hour with some kind of ocean/beach set on it, hired a bunch of teenagers and told them to just act bored. (I’m not making this up: at one point a kid is blowing up a children’s pool toy.) Don’t blame me if you want to gouge your eyes out after seeing this!

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