WATCH: How to Build a Smoker Barbecue From a File Cabinet

This video is a little different than what we normally post, but we had a still image on our Facebook page of a filing cabinet smoker that got a lot of attention, so I thought I would share a video on how to make one, for anyone who was actually interested. I’m also a fan of the guy who created this video, Luke from Catfish and Carp, and this is probably one of the most popular videos on how to make a filing cabinet smoker on YouTube with nearly 400,000 views as of this posting. If you need all the details about parts, etc, you can find that in the description with the video.

Here’s more from the YouTube Video:

This video explains How to build a smoker or barbecue from a file cabinet with step by step video and instruction plus a really simple beginner recipe. If you want to build a smoker or barbecue then consider making one from a file cabinet. It takes only a few hours, minimum tools, it works great and it the whole thing can easily cost $20 – $40 if you don’t have to buy the tools or if you have a little creativity. Here is a list of what you will need to build a file cabinet smoker / barbecue.

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