WATCH: Live Version of Loggins & Messina’s “My Music” & “Your Mama Don’t Dance” – 1973

What a great song! This thing jumps out from the opening cords and never lets up. I was always of a fan of “Loggins & Messina”, even had a couple of their 8-tracks back in the day. Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia:

Full Sail is the third album by singer/songwriter duo Loggins and Messina, released in 1973. It showed the versatility of the duo, with everything from 1950s retro to island-style to soft ballads. The single “My Music” charted at #16, and the follow-up, “Watching the River Run”, made it to #71.

And on the equally popular “Your Mama Don’t Dance“:

“Your Mama Don’t Dance” is a hit 1972 song by the rock duo Loggins and Messina. Released on their self-titled album Loggins and Messina, it reached number four on the Billboard pop chart and number 19 on the Billboard Easy Listening Chart as a single in early 1973.

Here’s a LIVE performance of both “My Music” and “Your Mama Don’t Dance” from what appears to be about 1973.

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