VIDEO: Boston The Tragic History Of the Band, Death of Brad Delp & Tom Scholz Perfectionism

Boston exploded on the scene in 1976 with its self-titled debut album. But what happened after that? Here’s more from the YouTube Description:

Tom Scholz was the mastermind behind Boston. An MIT alumni and following graduation he would end up getting a job with Polaroid working as a product design engineer. Apart from tinkering with electronics, he also was into music, having played in a series of bands in the city of Boston with names like Middle Earth, Freehold and Mother’s Milk. While he spent a lot of time on the live music circuit, he quickly realized he wasn’t going to get a record deal that way. It was then he turned his attention to recording demos in some local studios which never caught the interest of record labels. He soon built a twelve track recording studio in his basement and again record labels showed no interest in what he was creating.

Watch the video for the rest of this sad tale.

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