WATCH: The Golden Age of Bubblegum Music – Video

Most of you have heard the term (and also likely used it) “bubblegum music.” But do you know what that specifically refers to. This video looks at the golden age of bubblegum music, from 1966 to 1970. But its a song genre that continues to this day, if you know what to look for. Here’s more from the YouTube Description:

Bubblegum music is typically defined using two sets of criteria that are only sometimes related. 1. The characteristics of the recorded song itself- the vocal style, the simplistic or childish lyrics, and an 8/8 or otherwise upbeat rhythm structure. 2. A marketing strategy aimed at a young naïve audience (e.g. fictional bands, double entendre lyrics, recycled songs). A song might be Bubblegum under one rule, but not the other. Jackson 5’s ABC is Bubblegum, but they were not a Bubblegum band. The Cowsills were a Bubblegum act but Hair is not Bubblegum.

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