WATCH: Elton John – Kiss the Bride – Wembley Stadium 1984 (HQ Audio)

Here’s an Elton John song you don’t hear very often, “Kiss the Bride” from his 1983  from the album Too Low for Zero peaked at #25 on the US pop charts on on October 1, 1983. If you listen to the lyrics, the song is about a man who goes to the wedding of a woman he’s obviously in love with, but doesn’t say anything. Here’s an example of some of the lyrics:

And when the preacher said is there anyone here
Got a reason why they shouldn’t wed
I should have stuck up my hand
I should have got up to stand
And this is what I should have said

I want to kiss the bride yeah
I want to kiss the bride yeah
Long before she met him
She was mine, mine, mine
Don’t say I do
Say bye, bye, bye
And let me kiss the bride yeah.

We have a great LIVE performance of that song for you today, from a 1984 performance at Wembley Stadium. Enjoy!


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