WATCH: Incredibly Awful “Octaman” Movie Trailer from 1971

Who remembers this piece of drive-in movie magic? What happens when you blend a human and an octopus? You get a creepy Octoman, of course! Here’s more from the YouTube Description:

A scientific expedition to remote Mexican fishing community discovers unhealthy amounts of radioactive waters. They also find a small mutant octopus with nearly human eyes that can crawl on land and make mewling sounds like a baby. In order to receive furhter funding for their project Dr Torres travels back to the states to make a deal with circus owner Caruso, who is interested in the bizarre mutation as a carny act. They return to the camp to discover that their crew has been slaughtered by someone (or something) and the octopus specimen is missing. A young man from the village says that a local legend about a creture said to be half mand and half sea serpent is true, and offers tot take the scientists to the lake where it is purported to live. What they find is a seven foot tall mutant species of octopus with amazing strength and a lust for killing, and soon the expedition realizes that the monster is now on a bloody rampage.

You can read all about Octaman on IMBD, but first, watch this equally awful trailer! (If you want to see the full movie, it’s in eight great bite sized segments on YouTube starting here.)


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