The Sad Tragic History of Boston

VIDEO: Boston The Tragic History Of the Band, Death of Brad Delp & Tom Scholz Perfectionism

Boston exploded on the scene in 1976 with its self-titled debut album. But what happened after that? Here’s more from the YouTube Description: Tom Scholz was the mastermind behind Boston. An MIT alumni and following graduation he would end up getting a job with Polaroid working as a product design engineer. Apart from tinkering with electronics, he also was into music, having played in a series of bands in the…

Shaving Cream song by Benny Bell 1975

“Shaving Cream” by Benny Bell – Top 30 Hit from 1975

Who could forget the “Shaving Cream” song? If you were around in 1975, you likely heard it on the radio, but its origins go all the way back to the 1940s. It probably should be enshrined in our hall of “Songs We Love to Hate.” Here’s more from Wikipedia: “Shaving Cream” is a song written by Benny Bell in 1946, and originally sung by Paul Wynn. It is a novelty…

The Cars – ‘Shake It Up’ Music Video – 1982

WATCH: The Cars – ‘Shake It Up’ Music Video – 1982

Many people would consider “Shake It Up” the classic song from The Cars with it’s catchy beat and easy-to-sing-along-to lyrics.   Here’s more about it from Wikipedia: In 1982, The Cars scored a top five hit with ‘Shake It Up’, the first single released from their fourth studio album of the same name. Although appearing for the first time in 1981, it was actually written years earlier by the band’s songwriter…

The Grass Roots Temptation Eyes 1970

WATCH: The Grass Roots – ” Temptation Eyes” 1970

What a great song from 1970 that doesn’t seem to have aged a day, from a band that should get more attention than they do. Here’s more about it from Wikipedia: “Temptation Eyes” is a 1970 hit song by The Grass Roots. It was released on their second compilation album, More Golden Grass. The song reached number 15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1971. It spent 18 weeks…

Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat • TopPop

Watch: Hues Corporation – “Rock The Boat” • TopPop – 1974

Is there any song that possibly captures the 70’s better than “Rock the Boat” by the Hues Corporation (what an awful name for a band, by the way) back in 1974?  It’s infectious disco beat and catchy lyrics took it to Number 1 in July of that year, and it seems to have become a radio staple ever since. Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia: “Rock the Boat” is…

Billy Paul. Me And Mrs Jones. Original Video

WATCH: Billy Paul – “Me And Mrs Jones”. Original Video

Here’s one you don’t see every day: the original video for the 1972 hit, “Me and Mrs. Jones” by Billy Paul. Okay, so you may here the song (or the many cover versions) but have you ever seen this one with Paul a the piano, singing with a cigarette in his mouth? Does it get any cooler, or any more “I really don’t want to do this video”, than that?…

Stories - Brother Louie 1973

WATCH: Stories – Brother Louie 1973 (HQ)

“Brother Louie” by Stories is a classic early 70’s tune that went to #1 for two weeks in the summer of 1973.  Here’s more about the song from Wikipedia: “Brother Louie” is a song about an interracial love affair between a white man and a black woman, and the subsequent disowning of the man by his parents because of it. The title was written and sung by Errol Brown and…

AC/DC It's a Long Way to the Top

WATCH AC/DC “It’s A Long Way To The Top” LIVE TV – 1976

Its another great LIVE performance from AC?DC, this time on an Australian version of Bandstand back on February 21st of 1976. The band is cooking and the kids seem to be enjoying themselves with this classic hit. Bon Scott – lead vocals, bagpipes Angus Young – lead guitar Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals Mark Evans – bass guitar[7] Phil Rudd – drums


WATCH: Nick Lowe, “Cruel to Be Kind” – 1978

“Cruel to Be Kind” is a song by Nick Lowe, co-written by Lowe and his former Brinsley Schwarz bandmate Ian Gomm. Written by Lowe and Gomm while the pair were in Brinsley Schwarz, the song was saved on a demo until Columbia Records convinced Lowe to release it. Here’s a performance from 1978 on Britain’s “Top of the Pops.”