WATCH: AC/DC – “Back In Black” LIVE (1980 – 2009)


What could be better than one AC/DC concert version of “Back in Black?”  How about dozens of different versions of the band performing the song over a 30 year period from 1980 to 2009? Some of the footage is better than others, but kudos to Bucksttabu for putting this compilation together! Here’s more on the song from Wikipedia: “Back in Black” is a song by AC/DC, appearing as the first…


WATCH: “Driver’s Seat” by Sniff ‘n’ The Tears LIVE – 1980 on Dutch TV


I know you know this song by heart, but who remembers the band “Sniff ‘n’ The Tears? The British band made eight albums over the years, starting in 1979, but “Driver’s Seat” off their debut album Fickle Heart was the only real hit they ever had. In fact, the song didn’t do nearly as well in the UK not because the public didn’t like it, but because the record label…


WATCH: Is this Bon Scott’s Final Recorded Performance With AC/DC? Feb. 7, 1980 – Top of the Pops


We’ve been doing some digging into some old AC/DC videos and came across this one that claims to be the last recorded VIDEO of AC/DC’s original front man, Bon Scott, who died suddenly 12 days after this video on Britain’s popular “Top of the Pops” television show on February 7, 1980 after a night of heavy drinking. According to reports, Scott was known for having a drink or two, so…


WATCH: The Doobie Brothers sing “What a Fool Believes” at the 22nd Grammy Awards – It Won Song of the Year!


Great band, great year and a great song! All that, and they got to not only perform it LIVE on the 22nd Annual Grammy Awards on February 27, 1980, but they also knocked it out of the park AND went on to win the Grammy for “Song of the Year!” Not bad! “What a Fool Believes”  was written by Michael McDonald and none other than Kenny Loggins, but the best-known…


WATCH: AC/DC – ‘Hells Bells’ Official Video – 1980


Is there a more iconic opening to a classic rock song than the bell tolling at the beginning of ‘Hells Bells’ by AC/DC? The song the first track off AC/DC’s first album without Bon Scott, Back in Black and the second single from that classic album which was released in the fall of 1980.  In the video, the song starts off with a massive church bell slowly tolling four times, after…