WATCH: Georgia Satellites rock “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” LIVE


Another great LIVE video! Not only do the Satellites have fun with the audience participation portion of “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” but they also transition seamlessly into the Rolling Stones classic “It’s Only Rock and Roll.” “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” was written by the group’s lead singer, Dan Baird, and was released in 1986 as their debut single from their self-titled first album which ultimately reached #2 on…


WATCH: Tesla’s 1989 hit “Love Song” performed LIVE


“Love Song”was a power ballad written by Frank Hannon and Jeff Keith of the Tesla, originally released on their 1989 album The Great Radio Controversy. It would eventually go on to reach #10 on the U.S. charts, becoming the group’s biggest hit to date, as well as becoming a gold record. Tesla is an American heavy metal band formed in Sacramento, California in late 1981 by bassist Brian Wheat and…


WATCH: Winger performs “Hungry” on Arsenio Hall Show – 1989


Who remembers how cool Arsenio Hall’s show was back in the 80’s? He breathed some fresh air into the stale late-night talk show format and introduced America to a lot of acts and artists that might not otherwise have made it on television at that time. Case in point is this 1989 appearance by the late 80s, early 90s glam metal/progressive metal band Winger, which consisted of Reb Beach, Rod…