WATCH: Led Zeppelin blasts “Rock and Roll” LIVE @ Madison Square Garden – 1973


How I wish I’d gotten to see Zepplin back in those days! Here’s an unforgettable LIVE 1973 performance of “Rock and Roll” off their Led Zeppelin IV album which was released in 1971. This video is from Led Zeppelin’s 1973 North American Tour which was the ninth concert tour–and some would say the most popular–of North America by the English rock band. The tour was divided into two legs, with…


Led Zeppelin – ‘Rock and Roll’ 1973 Live Video FULL HD


On May 4, 1973 Led Zeppelin opened their North American tour, which, at the time, was billed as the ‘biggest and most profitable rock & roll tour in the history of the United States’. The group would go on to gross over $4 million from their US dates, flying between gigs in ‘The Starship’ a Boeing 720 passenger jet, complete with bar, shower room, TV and video in a 30…