WATCH: Queen performs ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ LIVE @The Rainbow Theatre – 1974


An explosive tune by any estimation, this live performance of ‘Keep Yourself Alive’ by Freddie Mercury and Queen back in November of 1974 seems especially electric today.  It was the opening track to the band’s debut album named simply Queen, and surprisingly failed to make the charts either in the US or ULK, but ultimately went on to become one of the band’s signature tunes. This rare footage was originally…


Vocal Track of David Bowie and Freddie Mercury singing ‘Under Pressure’ is Amazing! (LISTEN)


Both of these artists left us way too soon, but did leave some great music behind. One such example is 1981’s Under Pressure, a song released by David Bowie and Queen.  According to at least one version of the story, David Bowie showed up at Mountain Studios to record backing vocals on the song “Cool Cat” but wound up instead working on ‘Under Pressure’ with Queen. Sources at the time said…